Our Educational Roots

BNPS Education Society, established in 1971 as an extension of HES Education Society (1954) , embarked on its journey to educate young minds to groom them as sensible and reflective human beings. Through committed efforts and consistent hard work, BNPS group of schools gained name and expanded it’s branches throughout east Delhi.


Services We Offer

  • Canada

    Immigrate to CANADA

    Canada has been declared the country with the best reputation in the world. More than 2 Lakh top international students and researchers choose to study in Canada each year.

  • Australia

    Immigrate to AUSTRALIA

    Australia has become the one of the most popular study destination for international students. Home to the world’s eight most popular universities, alongwith 22,000 courses.

  • New Zealand

    Immigrate to NEW ZEALAND

    International students are welcomed with open arm when they come to study in New Zealand. To study in New Zealand is a fail-safe option as it has Quality Education options.

IELTS Preparation Classes

IELTS Preparation Classes

‘’Fortune favours the prepared mind’’

At BNPS International we aim at getting every student fully prepared to crack the IELTS test. We provide you with the best of the facilities to prepare you for your challenging endeavour. We wholeheartedly offer this opportunity and have designed the perfect course for IELTS preparation in Punjab. We will make your struggle easy by equipping you with the right knowledge. We continuously reinvent ourselves and improve our training methods as per the latest trends. Our experienced trainers make use of various multimedia tools, technology and proprietary training material to deliver the detailed insight and in-depth concept. We understand the fact that your professional career and your personal life relies on the results. This is why we have left no stone unturned to prepare you in the best possible way.

Spoken English Classes

Knowing English opens opportunities -- most of the world’s top universities are in English speaking countries. And speaking English fluently with a neutral accent is very challenging. We at BNPS International understand your struggle and that is why we are here to provide you with our helpful guide to learn more about Spoken English worldwide. Our team of highly experienced tutors using the most modern methods, excellent resources and facilities in fully equipped language labs, we prepare you for life. Our expert trainers will help you improve your language proficiency throughout the course by providing input and practice.

Spoken English Classes

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We are here to provide you effective guidance about the scope and career prospects for your better future. Glimpses of us at work would help you feel that.