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    All these years while working on the learning needs of children across all age groups we realised that there lies a big struggle in their transition from school life to the work-life. From what to do in life, which subjects to opt for, how to crack entrance tests, and how to fund their higher education, students often lack the right guidance.

    Enhancing students’ skills and working on their inner strengths has been our areas of focus at the school level although, in the absence of concrete career-oriented guidance and support for employability as per their potential has been left wanting in many ways. This felt need generated the idea of BNPS International with an aim to provide end to end support to students for building their careers.


    Our mission is to empower Indian students to successfully shape their dream career overseas and map the best fit for every student from thousands of career-oriented courses available both in India and abroad. The distinctive approach of BNPS International involves Comprehensive Profiling of each student to identify one’s unique orientation style, aptitude, interest, personality and emotional quotient through one-on-one discussions and psychometric testing.

    We also offer customised solutions in the form of orientation, training including test-prep, placing them in the real-life
    situation through our strong network of internship providers and helping them with the financial funding from public sector banks to pursue their dreams of a successful career. Due to our approach, we call ourselves ‘Global Guardians’ for every young aspirant reaching out to us for personal and professional support related to their higher studies in India and abroad.

     Our Journey

     Our Management

    Kanwaljeet Khungar

    Founder & Director of Education

    A seasoned edupreneur with decades of experience in shaping lives and careers of thousands of students, he puts the wisdom he has gained, to guide, mentor, and lead the team towards the betterment of the students, which lies central to his vision.

    Pashmina Khungar

    Co founder & Non-Executive Director

    A visionary leader and eminent educationist with a passion for enriching student lives through years of experience working with students of all age brackets, she contributes actively in establishing future trajectory of the org.


    Amrit Khungar
    Chief Operating Officer

    If not deeply immersed in understanding each of our student’s journeys, Amrit can be found juggling multiple tasks offering his years of expertise and first-hand study abroad experience to Marketing, Visa, Counselling and other teams, as well as making sure that all the team members & their needs are taken care of well

    Mandeep Aulakh
    Central Visa Officer

    Mandeep delivers dreams and happiness to his students as visa approval letters that he believes makes his job ‘the best’ at our org. Ensuring timely visa lodgements, correct documentation, following up with visa officers, and running from pillar to post makes his work challenging but truly a rewarding experience.

    Sabhya Arora
    Central Finance Officer
    Sabhya is a Commercial Pilot by qualification and at BNPS International he plays quite a similar role in ensuring all the branch operations, including financials, recruitment and training, communications, and marketing, are within his ‘radar’ as well as leading and guiding the team towards ‘smooth landings’, always!

    Priyanka Kashyap
    Regional Manager

    With experience spanning years in International Higher Ed, Priyanka is responsible for leading, shaping, and mentoring our counselling team to ensure our students are offered the best possible and unbiased advice on studying abroad there is. After all, our counsellors also constantly need to learn and unlearn.


    Shivya Gandhotra
    Shivya Gandhotra Counsellor
    Meenu Sharma
    Meenu Sharma Counsellor
    Fairy Solanki
    Fairy Solanki Counsellor
    Shreya Gupta
    Shreya Gupta Counsellor
    Urooj Naved
    Urooj Naved Counsellor
    Priyanka Sood
    Priyanka Sood Counsellor
    Chetna Garg
    Chetna Garg Counsellor
    Muskan Singh
    Muskan Singh Buddy Counsellor
    Ramanpreet Buddy Counsellor
    Sweta Buddy Counsellor
    Zara Buddy Counsellor
    Akshara Arya
    Akshara Arya Buddy Counsellor
    Manpreet Kaur
    Manpreet Kaur Buddy Counsellor
    Mohit Goni
    Mohit Goni Visa Filing Executive
    Ayesha Khan
    Ayesha Khan Application Expert
    Jasmehar Kaur
    Jasmehar Kaur Relationship Manager
    Ashneet Sharma
    Ashneet Sharma Relationship Manager
    Sneha Relationship Manager
    Malika Content Strategist
    Sanchita Goel
    Sanchita Goel Marketing Manager
    Mehak Associate Manager Sales & Marketing
    Manav Jain
    Manav Jain Content Writer

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