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Studying in Canada Made Easy


Canada is a great country to live, study and work. It is the second largest country in the world and blessed with natural beauty and splendor as well as modern cities and towns. It is very supportive of international students and hence study in Canada for Indian Students is a great experience.

Why Canada is a favoured country for Higher Education:

Canada has one of the most progressive education systems in the world. It has world class universities and reputed institutions in almost all big cities and across the country. These offer diverse conventional and innovative courses the degrees from these are valued highly. The facilities offered and quality of campus life is also superb. That makes it ideal to study in Canada for Indian students.

The Canadian Government policy is also highly supportive of international students. That is a big incentive to study in Canada for Indian students. They also have provision for scholarships, which becomes another attraction to study in Canada for Indian Students.

Provision for study of English in Canada:

There are a large number of English Language Institutes to help international students and others to study English in Canada. This is to improve and hone their language speaking to equip them to take up academic courses in higher education with confidence.

There are well designed and well graded English as Second Language (ESL) courses to meet the needs of students to study English in Canada, , whatever their language proficiency levels. These are long term and short term courses with flexible start dates. The ESL programs cover all skill areas like: listening, grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking etc. to study English in Canada in a comprehensive manner.

Study in Canada from India.

For those who have difficulty and financial constraints in travelling abroad and staying there to take up a course of study in Canada from India is an interesting alternative. They can pursue degree courses of well known Universities by enrolling at Indian Institutions which are affiliated to them. A few examples of facilities to study in Canada from India are:

  • Manav Rachna Education Society of India is affiliated to the Algonquin College, Ottawa
  • Animaster, Bangalore is also affiliated to the Algonquin College, Ottawa
  • Kohinoor Group, Mumbai has a tie up with University of Ottawa – Sprott School of Business


Studying in Canada for Indian students is a very attractive and fruitful option to build a great educational profile and lay the foundations for a great professional career. More and more students will hopefully take up this option and ensure a bright future for themselves. For more information visit www.bnpsinternational.com