/ Canada Student visa Requirements

How to Obtain a Student Visa to Canada


Canada is a great country to live, study and work. It is the second largest country in the world but with a relatively small population and high standards of living. It is very supportive of international students and hence a great option for Indian students. But to do that they have to cross one big step – fulfill Canada study visa requirements!

Why study in Canada?

The growing attraction of Canada as a higher education option ahs several reasons. It has world class universities and institutions and the degrees and courses offered are diversified and carry great value. You can also get scholarships. Best of all the government policy is very supportive and hence the Canada student visa requirements are quite reasonable and easy to meet.

Documents/Procedures required to meet Canada study visa requirements:

A prospective international student should possess documents to make a study permit application:

  • A valid Passport.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Unconditional letter of acceptance of the University offer of admission.
  • Fees receipt (recommended)
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)
  • Any relevant correspondence with the institution.
  • Financial documents.
  • Academic documents like certificates transcripts.

Important Organizations/ service providers:

It is not easy to fulfil the Canada study visa requirements and processing without the support of a well established immigration consultancy services. There are many in India, but the choice has to be made judiciously.

Some of these are:
Advanced Canadian Education and Immigration Services Ltd (ACEIS)

This is a reputed Canada based company with offices in India. It is run by well qualified and approved immigration consultant to offer best support and guidance in meeting the Canada student visa requirements after getting an offer from the right college or University. Their follow up support after arriving in Canada is worth a special mention.

  • Maple Leaf Consultants – Immigration Consultant
  • Canada Education Consultants in India - Global Tree

How to prepare for study in Canada:

Along with meeting the Canada Student visa requirements, the prospective students can begin preparing for life and study in several ways. Maters of health, accommodation, food and weather are also important. For instance, getting a stock of suitable warm clothes to face winter is a good idea.

Another important step to avoid what is termed ‘culture shock’ is to; study about Canadian culture and traditions before leaving for Canada. Taking out a proper medical insurance policy is also a very sound and essential step.


Studying abroad, especially in a country like Canada, is a great opportunity. By preparing well by meeting the Canada student visa requirements in a timely way and preparing well for the trip, students can ensure they have a comfortable and convenient transition from study in India to study in Canada. For more information visit www.bnpsinternational.com