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Abroad Unified Pathway Program (AUPP) – International education in a new way.

About Australian study pathways -

Many students dream for a world-class degree but are unconfident about their knowledge and experience. For them, pathway programs, also known as bridge programs are a good option for a bright future. Below mentioned are some of the highlighting benefits of Australian study pathways and AUPP Amritsar.

Offer letter and credits based on pre-assessment –

One of the prime advantages of the AUPP is that students can get the credits score based on pre-assessment. Just not this, they can get an offer letter based on the pre-assessment. This feature let the student know the things beforehand and thus take a better decision.

Bridge course for easy transition

transition As mentioned earlier, AUPP act as a bridge course which helps you learn the culture and way of education. The bridge course feature of AUPP makes it easier for the students to adapt to the targeted country’s culture and livings. Here on India, you will study the curriculums of the 1st year Bachelor’s programs. AUPP Amritsar and Amritsar IELTS test centre provides an extensive English coaching and an aptitude building course will also be provided to enhance your personality and understanding.

Credit transfer applicable in a major part of the world

AUPP is a global program which also covers countries of Asia-Pacific such as Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, etc. So where you want to go, you can always choose AUPP. One of the prime locations in Australia as it provides the safest and the most amazing possibilities of gaining a quality education with high possibility of settlement. . Australian study pathways are the few education provider organizations which provide job placement, assistance, food and infrastructure facilities and most importantly student’s accommodation search services.

Huge cost saving

The course pushes great over the personality skills, simultaneously; it also saves you a large number of bucks in your pocket. As you will be already familiar with the international qualifications standards, there would be a great chance to have a part-time job overseas. Students can avail scholarships while they are in India based on their class 12th percentage and also on the pro-rata basis. Also, your first year will be completed in India so you will save your cost of living and fees.

AUPP has a great number of benefits for the students who aspire to study abroad while saving a huge amount of money. In India, AUPP Amritsar is the best choice as it under the guidance of experts like Mr Kanjwalijeet Khungar who has more than 20 years of experience in educational background and his dedicated team and in co-ordination with Amritsar IELTS test centre. The Amritsar IELTS test centre has some good experience in conducting the test centres making Amritsar AUPP a great choice. Some of the other key features and benefits can are listed on the website www.aupp.education/faq