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A vibrant lifestyle is a Canadianimperative; in fact, a govt policy specifically mandates diversity. Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are celebrated safe, accessible, and culturally rich world-class cities with beaches, museums, restaurants, shopping and much more.

Life In New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular student destinations in the world. International students are welcomed with the open arm when they come to study in New Zealand. To study in New Zealand is a fail-safe option as it has developed a reputation as a Quality Education provider over the years with accredited and well-established colleges and universities. Students who have studied at a university in New Zealand have proved to be Innovative Thinkers. New Zealand has a history of producing some of the finest academicians, for example, Sir Ernest Rutherford, the first to split the atom, and Dr Bryan Barrett Boyes, the renowned international heart surgeon. A New Zealand education offers students the best of spoils, be it education or the amazing lifestyle one leads here.

New Zealand is a developed country with remarkable economic growth. It is a culturally diverse & politically stable country. The Polynesian culture here has its roots in erstwhile British culture. There are significant influences of European, American, Maori Polynesian and Asian culture.

Universities and Requirements List

BNPS International is always happy to help you, so do not hesitate a bit when you think of studying abroad. For us, our students are our only priority and we will leave no stone unturned to make their dream come true. We have arranged all the requirements of Universities and colleges we work in collaboration with. Even if you are not availing our services, feel free to download and double check the process you have been following.


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ABROAD UNIFIED PATHWAY PROGRAM (AUPP) specializes in Credit transfer in the field of Information Technology (IT) . The AUPP programs have been developed in conjunction with ATMC and the programs utilises ATMC curriculum under license. AUPP provides its specially crafted Credit Transfer Program through RPL to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to the TOI-OHOMAI Institute of technology campus for completing the relevant degree.